Breaking Down Barriers: Black Women in Business"

January 06, 2021

Breaking Down Barriers: Black Women in Business

Today more than ever it is crucial to take a stand to be heard and recognized as a key contributor in our communities. As women of color it can be difficult to make sure that you get a seat at the table and also be given the chance to be a part of the bigger picture.  One way to get yourself out there more is by joining your local chamber of commerce or other women's organizations. Networking connecting and collaborating with other like minded women can be the key to expanding your reach which will allow you to gain more leverage in your field. Traditionally  African African women may not have come from families where having your own business was something that was rarely discussed. 

It is so important not to try to go it alone, we are definitely stronger together. Having a network of women for support really benefits everyone involved. It can be stressful feeling like you are alone in business, so make it a goal this year to be open to collaborating or partnering with other women owned business. As a small business owner we all have something different that we add to enrich one another's life in some way. 

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