Aloe Vera Lotion - Unscented- All Natural

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Treat your skin to a moisturizing lotion that was designed just for you. Aloe & Argan Body Lotion by LaDrea is an all-natural solution that allows your skin to enjoy rejuvenating hydration like you’ve never seen before.

            This Aloe & Argan Body Lotion provides smooth comfort. While other solutions may be tacky to the touch, LaDrea’s Body Lotion promises luxurious comfort without the greasy residue. Enjoy a lightweight formula that was designed to keep your skin moisturized with natural Aloe Vera instead of water. This natural body lotion is made with a gently fresh scent that’s not overpowering for a clean, refreshing treat. Whether you’re looking to gently heal your body’s skin, or you simply enjoy the feeling of soft comfort, treat your skin to the premium luxury of LaDrea natural body lotion.

Directions: Smooth a generous amount of LaDrea Body Lotion over your body daily. For best results, apply body lotion following showers or baths while pores are open for instant, deep hydration.

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