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Facebook & Instagram Ads Training

Are you a small business owner who needs help with marketing? Then this course is for you. We show you how to use Facebook Ads to drive targeted traffic to your door, so you can succeed in your business. This ad training is for the entrepreneur who wants to run their own campaigns and learn new tools of the trade in order to stand out from the crowd, get their business in front of their target market and stay there! There are 1.9 daily active users on Facebook and they spend an average of 60 minutes on the platform. Meet your customers where they are at!

if you're a small business owner, chances are you've had trouble finding the right marketing and advertising techniques. You may not have the budget to target people outside of your geographic area, so you're looking to target customers closer to your business

We don’t teach you how to post on social media or how to write a good blog post. We teach you the marketing system behind Facebook Ads that gets your business in front of target market so that you can generate leads and customers. If you are posting then you have noticed that your reach is down this year, Facebook is a pay to play platform these days. 

 We don't just help you reach your target market - we help you build the kind of meaningful relationships that last a lifetime. 

LaDrea Marketing Services teaches you a  simple and effective way to get in front of your Target Market and stay in front of them, the business that stays top of mind is the one that wins.


With Facebook ads you can target prospective customers by: 






This is just a glimpse of the many different targeting options available.